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2016-12-21 01:13:11 by NickzT

Hi! I just started here, so here's a little taste of who I am..

I'm a musician (I play guitar, a launchpad, and I do remixes).. I sometimes like to draw.. So mostly, Imma post some audio tracks on here. So if you're a fan of music then it's you're decision to judge my music on here, but you can freely download and listen to the stuff I post here.

Thanks and hope for an amazing experience here at newgrounds. ;)


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2016-12-21 01:20:31

Hello, I welcome you to this site. As a friendly reminder, I must let you know you cannot upload remixes of tracks on here unless you have permission or if it is a copyleft track. I'd hate to see you be banned because of a violation of the guidelines.

NickzT responds:

I know, I've seen that.. Don't worry my remixes of tracks will always have copyright permission.. Thanks btw. :)


2016-12-21 02:26:59

Hello good sir, welcome to Newgrounds. The community hopes you have a great time here!

NickzT responds:

Thank you for a humble welcome, hope to find more people like you guys.. :)